Square Trees Trail

A sign board in Valle de Antón near Los Mandarinos Hotel

Located on the slopes of Cerro Gaital, crossing the Hotel Campestre, there is a group of trees that have grown with square trunks. This variety can be found in the Antón Valley and in the Sambú Valley south of Darién. Scientifically known as Quararibea asterolepis, it is a species of the families called Malvácea, with angular and straight edges that give them a square or rectangular appearance, they are like that from the base and up to a few meters high, even the rings adopt that shape, since then the trunk grows already in a cylindrical shape like any other tree until it reaches between 25 and 35 meters in height.

El Hato. On property of the Hotel Campestre Behind the, swimming pool of the Hotel Campestre, white cabin with the frogs, El Valle de Antón, Panama El Valle de Antón Panama

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