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What to Do in Valle de Anton Panama

Discover our Anton Valley Local Attractions

Located in the heart of El Valle de Anton, Panama, Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa is a vibrant gateway to an exhilarating range of activities, attractions and tours. 

The scenic town of El Valle de Anton sits in the crater of a massive dormant volcano that is fringed by lush forests and cragged mountaintops. Popular among adventurous travelers and those seeking a tranquil escape from the city, the area features an array of exhilarating recreational opportunities. The vast network of trails offers unforgettable backdrops for walking, hiking or horseback riding. Nearby forests feature excellent birdwatching, and the valleys of El Valle are dotted with breathtaking waterfalls. 

A Bee hummingbird captured near the Los Mandarinos Hotel

Bird Watching

In Panama there are almost a thousand species of birds, of which about half live in the tropical forests of the country.

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Horseback riding at Valle de Anton near Los Mandarinos Hotel

Horseback Riding

Enjoy the tranquility and the variety of flora and fauna of the Valle de Anton while you ride a horse

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A Lake in the Nispero Zoo near Los Mandarinos Hotel

Nispero Zoo

Created in 1978, it opened its doors to the public in 88. It has 94 species of animals and a great variety of native and exotic plants. Among the most important are the jaguar, macaws, deer, ostrich, among others.

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El Macho waterfall near Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel

El Macho Waterfall

Located within the Canopy facilities, it is a 70m high waterfall, which can be seen in the distance. To get to the waterfall you have to go through several hanging bridges.

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Chorro El Macho waterfall near Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel

Canopy Adventure

The entrance to the “Canopy Tour” is the same as the “Chorro El Macho” waterfall in the direction of the community of La Mesa.

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Exterior view of San José Church near Los Mandarinos Hotel

Museum and Church visit

Located in the town, next to the San José Church you can find the Museum where you can enjoy an ordered collection of: Pre-Columbian Art / Religious Art / Ethnographies of the 19th century. and XX. / crafts / Paintings and geological information.

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A sign board in Valle de Antón near Los Mandarinos Hotel

Square Trees Trail

Located on the slopes of Cerro Gaital, crossing the Hotel Campestre, there is a group of trees that have grown with square trunks. This variety can be found in the Valle de Antón.

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A Handicraft Market near the Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel

Handicraft Market

Located in the heart of the town, it offers the possibility of acquiring artistic creations directly from the artisans.

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View of La Piedra Pintada near Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel

The Petroglyphs

La Piedra Pintada is a giant rock, the largest of the petroglyphs and sculptures located in the Valle de Anton dating from pre-Columbian times, possibly around 8,000 years ago.

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La Mozas waterfall near Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel

Las Mozas Waterfalls

El Chorro is located on the way to Cerro La Cruz, it is one of the famous jets in the town and is the most visited. It is the Anton River, however, in it all the other tributaries of the Valley converge.

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To help with planning your getaway to El Valle de Anton, Panama, our knowledgeable staff is available with recommendations or to arrange tours and eco-adventures.