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Therapeutic Massages

An ancient panache, massage is essential in a large number of treatments: it releases tension, stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins.

  • masaje terapeutico

Relaxing massage
Firm, basic techniques of Swedish massage therapy, provide full relaxation.

Relaxing massage for pregnant women
Techniques and soft positions produce a welfare relaxation state to mother and baby, with a wonderful effect on the mother’s back.

Facial massage and scalp with warm oil
Relieves headache, neck and back pain, activating nerve pathways to the brain and stimulating its cells.

Aroma therapeutic massage *
You choose the essence, which accentuates the effect of massage.

Wood lymphatic drainage therapy *
Relaxing massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins accumulated by inactivity. Wooden implements enhance the draining effect.

Massage therapy *
Direct manipulation of the tissues restores flexibility and elasticity, harmonizing both nervous and muscle – skeletal systems. Thus reversing tension and pain.

Deep massage *
Work tight muscles: a great relief for those with knots and spasms in their back.

Geotermotherapy *
Soothing massage with hot volcanic stones. By activating the chakras it energizes and balances body and soul.

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