Los Mandarinos Boutique Spa & Hotel Restaurant
Corregimiento de El Valle, Distrito de Antón, Coclé
El Valle de Anton, Panama
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Horseback Riding to "Chorro del Macho"

Walk to “La India Dormida"

  • Aventura Chorro Macho

Go to "El Chorro del Macho" from Los Mandarinos, a spectacular waterfall of 85 meters, where you can enjoy a delicious bath. $108.00 per couple with guide / 3 hours.

Ride along the Anton river: $72.00 per couple with guide / 2 hours.
Ride through town: $36.00 per couple with guide / Prices per hour. Prices can be changed and must be paid directly to the guides.

  • Aventura india Dormida

Climb the famous mountain silhouette of a sleeping indian girl. Learn about her legend while walking and enjoying El Valle beautiful surroundings. Reach some caves at the Indian’s “navel”, a stream in La Pintada ravine and the ancient painted stone petroglyphs.
$50.00 per person / 4 + hours.

Rock Climbing at "Chorro de las Mozas"

Crater Tour

  • Aventura Escalada Sobre piedra

$7.00 per person - 3 attempts / 45 minutes.
$45.00 per person - full wall of 20 meters / 2.5 + hours.

  • Aventura piedra

Tour the picturesque community of El Valle and learn about its history, traditions and characters. Visit the amazing square trees, the Serpentarium, the Organic Agriculture Property, the Farmers’ Cooperative, The Artisan Gallery, the Orchids Nursery, the Craft Market, the Museum, the hot springs and La Mesa.
$50.00 per person on foot / 5 + hours
$10.00 per bike / 3.5 + hours

Bird Watching

Canopy Adventure

  • Aventura Observacion de Aves

Walk in search of more than 150 birds species El Valle treasures with a professional guide, leaving hotel at 6:00 am. Minimum 2 persons.
$25 - $35 per person / 2.5 + hours / You must add $5.00 per person for reptiles night observation.

  • Aventura Tirolesa

Go to the top of the trees and down upon “Chorro del Macho” admiring the rainforest from a perspective previously available only to scientists, photographers and researchers.
Complete Tour $60 per person / 2 + hours / 5 lines
Brief Tour $20 per person / 2 lines.
Access to the waterfall just $ 5.00 per person

Hike to the top of Cerro Gaital

  • Aventura Subida al Cerro Gaital

Explore the highest mountain in El Valle with a local guide. Cerro Gaital is a natural reserve with magnificent scenery and wildlife. Several routes available with different degrees of difficulty. Bring comfortable shoes/boots, pants and long-sleeve shirt.
$25 a 35 per person / 2.5 a 5 hours